Hard Leather Armor -> Hard Leather Armor… Dia 2: Resurrection, Accept User Feedback

In the beta test, many users were disappointed. <디아블로2: 레저렉션>There is a change in the translation of

Blizzard Korea announced today (10th) through the official website. <디아블로2: 레저렉션>announced on the They said, “A lot of people gave comments related to translation in the beta test.” After a long discussion and deliberation, some game elements were <디아블로2> We decided to apply the style translation.”

First, the names of base items such as 500 weapons and armor are changed to transliteration. The work was carried out in a way that respects the legacy translation as much as possible, but refines the things that are significantly different from the current notation. Accordingly, the short sword, which was marked as ‘dagger’ at the time of the beta test, will be written as ‘short sword’ in the same way as the English name. Hard leather armor was also modified to ‘hard leather armor’.

(Source: Blizzard Korea)

Most of the unique monsters that appear regularly are also changed to the vocal range.

In the beta test, the monsters, which appeared as ‘Bone Destroyer’, ‘Craven’, and ‘Wood Head Neck Fist’ and created a sense of disparity among users, are in the official version, such as ‘Bonebreaker’, ‘Cold Crow’, and ‘Treehead Woodfist’. recovered its English name. Some monsters, such as Corpsefire, that require accurate meaning, such as titles or words to decorate monsters, are modified to the same form as ‘burning corpse’.

The grades of potions and gems, and runes are also displayed in a form familiar to users. ‘Chipped Amethyst’, which was on the chopping board due to the expression ‘tooth’, was changed to ‘Lower Amethyst’, and Flawless Amethyst was changed to Higher Amethyst. Potions also have slightly more intuitive modifiers depending on their grade, such as micro, small, large, and extra large. In addition, improvements were made to key terms in the game, such as rune names, items, and region names.

(Source: Blizzard Korea)

Blizzard said, “The content of the PC version will be applied at the time of release, but the console version will Platforms are applied sequentially according to the update schedule. In addition, text and audio languages ​​can be selected respectively. Korean text + English voice or Korean text + Korean voiceIt is also possible,” he said.

they “<디아블로2: 레저렉션>We will continue to think and work hard so that you can feel the best experience in playing the game,” he added.

<디아블로2: 레저렉션>is scheduled to release on the 24th of this month and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X,S, and Nintendo Switch.

(Source: Blizzard Korea)


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