Hanzlíčková lost the bronze medal match at the World Championships and finished fifth

Wrestler Adéla Hanzlíčková lost a duel for bronze at the World Championships with the American Tamyr Mensah-Stock from the USA for points and took fifth place. The Czech freestylewoman was not enough for the world champion from 2019 and the Olympic winner from Tokyo and lost to the favorite 1:10. However, it surpassed its maximum in fifth place, which was the ninth place at the World Cup in 2018. The Czech match took the precious metal from the World Cup for the last time in 2007 thanks to the bronze by Marek Švec.

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Twenty-seven-year-old Hanzlíčková lost her first duel at the championship on Wednesday, in which she was not enough for Rin Miyajiova. However, the Japanese subsequently defeated the Lithuanian Danuta Domikaityte and then, surprisingly, Mensah-Stock, and advanced to the finals, in which she lost to Meerim Zhumanazarova of Kyrgyzstan today.

The campaign of the Japanese wrestler moved Hanzlíčková to repairs, in which the only Czech woman clashed with Domikaityté at the World Championships. Hanzlíčková followed up on this year’s victory over Lithuania from the European Championships and the qualifying tournament for promotion to the Olympic Games in Tokyo and won 2: 1. The two-time medalist from the European Championships gained two points after a minute of fighting after a defended attack by an opponent, which she only allowed to reduce by the end of the six-minute period.

Wrestler Hanzlíčková lost her first duel at the World Cup, but she has a chance at bronze

She was the first to score against Mensah-Stock, with whom she had already lost at the March tournament in Rome this year, after only 38 seconds of fighting. But the rest of the six-minute duel took place under the direction of the favorite.

Petr Novák was the first Czech man to enter the championship today. The representative in the Greco-Roman style was defeated at the beginning of the competition in the category up to 82 kg 5: 3 by the Japanese Satoki Mukai, whose subsequent defeat in the round of 16 meant the end of the World Championships for Novák as well. The only Czech Olympian from Tokyo, Artur Omarov (97 kg) and Štěpán David (up to 130 kg), will perform in Oslo in the coming days.

Oslo World Cup:
From 57 kg:
1. Maroulis (USA)
2. Ansu (India)
3. Nanjova (JPN) and Erchembajar (Mong.).
From 59 kg:
1. Dudovová (BGR)
2. Hanaiová (Jap.)
3. Sarita (India) and Batardjav (Mong.).
From 68 kg:
1. Zumanazarova (Kyrg.)
2. Miyajiova (JPN)
3. Mensah-Stock (USA) and Veliev (RUS)
5. Hanzlíčková (CZE) and Di Biaccová (CAN)
From 72 kg:
1. Furuičiová (JPN)
2. Bakbergenová (KAZ)
3. Cavusoglu-Tosun (TUR) and Schell (DEU)



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