Handball. Caen sets out again to assault the Proligue after a disrupted preparation

The Vikings will play their first official match in almost a year against Massy. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Excitement could more than ever rhyme with apprehension at Caen Handball. At the time of finding the second national level, the Vikings are probably animated by rather paradoxical feelings. They are preparing to replay with an obvious desire but approach the reception of Massy without the certainties they would have liked to have after a month and a half of preparation. For ten days, their training was limited to a few small workshops.

“We had to play down”

Affected by five cases of Covid when it should have been in sharpening, Caen was plunged into “a period of hollow”. He tried to get out against Cherbourg, Saturday, September 4, 2021, on the occasion of his last friendly match. The ten-goal loss had the effect of a second blade.

The start of the week has been difficult. This situation had to be played down. We have cleaned up some things. There are not 50,000 questions to ask, we can compensate for our lack of preparation by an intelligence of the game and a tenfold collective will.

Roch BedosCoach of Caen Handball

The Vikings will have to demonstrate all their resources against a team of Massy they beat in a friendly match. No question of taking refuge behind the hard blow constituted by the long Aoutian parenthesis. “This is obviously not the best way to approach things. We would have liked to have more certainties. We worked on a few essential aspects during the week. Now we have to let go of the horses. “

“Create a love with the public”

After two years of National 1 including a year aborted by the Covid, the Caennais intend to “score [leur] territory ”and take advantage of the opportunity offered to them. “We couldn’t wait to get into Proligue, we’re there,” recalls Roch Bedos. The rage to win must be Norman in a red and gold Sports Palace, finally ready to vibrate for an official match.

We need to reassure everyone and create a love for the public. It is important. The Caen public is fond of high-level sport, victories and emotions. It’s up to us to get him that.

Roch BedosCoach of Caen Handball

The spectators will have the right from the start to an attractive poster between this promoted Caen who dreams of a “correct season” in the middle of the table and a formation of Massy eager to confirm the top 5 of last season. “We start with three very tough days against teams used to appearing at the top of the table,” explains Roch Bedos. Massy regularly plays the play-offs, Cherbourg has a lot of ambition and Sélestat dreams of returning to the Starligue. ”

A hair to scratch?

However, Caen Handball knows that this 16-team season will be longer than the others, with no less than 30 games on the program. In an increasingly dense championship but where the relegated Starligue Tremblay and Ivry appear like scarecrows, the outsiders will be numerous. Caen will try to be a scratching hair to consider, then, climbing the ladder …

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