Handball / Butagaz Energie League. What to remember from the first day of LBE

The 9 goals of Marine Dupuis

Marine Dupuis is in good shape. Spread the word ! The left winger greatly contributed to Toulon Métropole Var’s victory. With nine units to its credit, the Bisontine scored a third of Var goals during the success against Nice (24-23).

The Bourg-de-Péage surprise

After a balanced first period (21-20), Camille Comte’s players got their hands on the ball after returning from the locker room. A second perfectly negotiated act (16-11) allowed the Drômoises to bring down the reigning champions on the first day (37-31). For her first match in France, the Danish Sofia Deen (10/11) shone.

The good return of Thierry Vincent and Celles-sur-Belle

Celles-sur-Belle, who celebrated his return to the elite, beat Fleury-les-Aubrais (33-30). The players coached by Thierry Vincent (whose grandfather played for FC Sochaux handball) led the whole game.

No surprises in Paris and Metz

Metz dominated Besançon with the head and shoulders (33-24) with monstrous efficiency: 90% of successful shots in the first period.

In Paris, there was no photo either. The teammates of Lara Gonzalez (7 goals) and Catherine Gabriel made short work of Chambray (19-11, 38th, 29-22 final score).

Mérignac and Dijon back to back

Passed through Besançon then Dijon, Mérignac captain Julie Dazet (7 goals) received the Côte d’Or team. With Marie Lachat in the goal, the Burgundians were in front at half-time (12-15). Despite this good start to the game, Christophe Maréchal’s players returned with the two points of the draw (26-26).

Minimum service for Nantes

Far from being the most impressive team in the championship, Plan-de-Cuques hooked the Nantes Neptunes. Two goals before were enough for Guillaume Saurina’s players to start with a success (24-26).

Second day

The next day will take place Wednesday 15th (Chambray-Metz, Fleury-Paris, Brest-Mérignac, Dijon-Toulon) and Saturday 18th (Besançon- Plan-de-Cuques, Nantes-Celles-sur-Belle, Nice-Bourg-de- Toll).

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