Halloween: the Tropical Parc puts on this autumn festival

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The season ends for many theme parks, or amusement parks in the west, with the All Saints holidays until November 6, 2022. And to end in “beauty” they are betting on the Halloween party to attract children and their families. This is the case of the Tropical Parc in Saint-Jacut-les-Pins in Morbihan.

The All Saints holidays are an opportunity to take children, or grandchildren, for a walk, to distract and occupy them. In the west, there are many theme parks, and they offer you entertainment “Halloween“, this is the case of Terra Botanica near Angers, Planète Sauvage in Port-Saint-Père in Loire-Atlantique, or Tropical Parc in Saint-Jacut-les-Pins in Morbihan. For almost everyone, the season is over.

The number of visitors increases by 15%

For the Tropical Parc, unlike in past years, the season was full and without restrictions linked to Covid-19, with an opening from April 2022. The site was able to find schoolchildren and foreign tourists, enough to satisfy co-director Erven Gicquel joined by Dolores Charles. “on me It ismany visitors during the April holidays, we also found our schoolchildren in June: more than 10,000 children visited the park, kindergartens and primary schools, and then in this sunny summer, many people came to shade and find coolness in the park (…) We did not have large peaks in attendance but good averages every day and above all, we had the return of foreigners and vacationers on the Morbihan coast. On normal years, we had rain, and therefore very heavy days and the next day, if it’s wet, we can go down very low and go up and so on… It’s a bit of a roller coaster! We must increase the number of visitors by about 15% in the summer.”

Among these foreign tourists, many Belgians, Dutch, Spanish or Italians. The Tropical Parc puts forward the figure of 100,000 visitors in total, including 60,000 in July/August alone.

The co-director of Tropical Parc, Erven Gicquel

Credit: Dolores Charles

“Halloween works well”

The Tropical Parc will close its doors after All Saints to protect the plants in winter. But in the meantime, Halloween activities are offered according to Erven Gicquel: “we recreated the “Halloween of the world”: Halloween in Mexico with the Day of the Dead, all of our characters and skeletons have very nice Mexican masks or feathers, all kinds of parrot feathers. It’s very very colorful! Afterwards, you go to Asia, in the Indonesian garden, and all our little characters are customized in an Asian way… Halloween in Africa, Halloween in Australia, China, Thailand. We try to make a funny Halloween in the park, by decorating our skeletons, our little zombies, our little witches depending on the themes, and the children will even be able to find a school: the school of the Brousse which is the school of the witches at that time (…)

It’s been six years since we embarked on this theme of decorating our park for Halloween. And from year to year, we feel that there is a craze from our visitors to come and have fun, have little fears through our articulated automatons. Indeed, it takes more and more and that’s why we developed an entertainment program with artists during this period.

The co-director of Tropical Parc, Erven Gicquel

Credit: Dolores Charles

Tropical Parc - Halloween

The 2023 season

The season is coming to an end for the Tropical Parc but the co-director is already thinking about the next season, 2023 with new creations which required 800,000 euros of investment. “We are going to make a course of nets and trampolines in the trees so that our visitors can access the canopy of our plants and our large trees … while having a view of the Chinese garden, the garden of three dreams. There will be an entertainment section for children, with giant trampolines in huge nets, all kinds of slides… It will be a village and relaxation atmosphere, and for adults, there will be other surprises since will certainly initiate the creation of a new garden, an Indonesia-themed garden.”

The Tropical Parc will close its doors on November 6, 2022.

The co-director of Tropical Parc, Erven Gicquel

Credit: Dolores Charles

Tropical parc - Halloween

The other outings to offer during these holidays: them Utopiales start this weekend in Nantes (a science fiction festival), “Park en Folie” at the Rennes exhibition center open until November 4 with Hit West. For boat lovers, you also have the Mille Sabords lounge at the Crouesty port or the Route du Rhum village in Saint-Malo. Finally in Lorient, it’s the Insolents festival, also with Hit West.


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