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Hair: we love the platted braids of Élodie Gossuin, the trendy hairstyle of the summer

by drbyos

Looking for the perfect hairstyle for your summer vacation? Say yes to mats! On Elodie Gossuin, it’s so hot that it makes us want to do the same …

Each season, its hairstyle! And we must say that as soon as the sun shows the tip of its nose, the braids are out. Glued, double, spiky or thin… What will be THE star braid of our summer? After the return of small braids from the 90’s, it’s time for glued braids! Popularized in 2015 by Kim Kardashian, these braids also called boxer braids are back in 2021. Thanks who? Thank you Elodie Gossuin!

Elodie Gossuin relaunches the braid trend

If you thought braids were the prerogative of American stars, it was before you discovered the new hairstyle of the former Miss France. The one who was consecrated the most beautiful woman in France in 2001, displayed all smiles on her Instagram account. She unveils her new hairstyle: two braids plastered to the skull and separated by a parting in the middle.

This hairstyle perfectly highlights the sweet face of Elodie Gossuin while giving it character. Unlike conventional braids, these allow you to create an illusion of volume in your hair. And let’s face it, we never say no to extra volume! So if you forgot this star hairstyle, know that it will inspire many people …

How to make Elodie Gossuin’s veneered mats?

To achieve them, nothing could be simpler! First, draw a line centered on your scalp to separate your hair into two distinct parts. This parting will allow you to obtain a perfect symmetry for your hairstyle! Pick a part of your hair and start braiding. To do this, take the section closest to your forehead, without including all of your hair, and divide it into three equal parts. Braid firmly outwards, that is to say, passing the strands underneath, for a raised result. And each time you go underneath, add a wick. Once at the nape of the neck, braid your lengths in a classic way. A real children’s game!


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