Haaland, Donnarumma, Cristiano Ronaldo … Juventus posiciona

Linked on numerous occasions with the Juventus, Norwegian Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund) is not a real goal for the Italian entity right now. This has been confirmed by its sports director, Federico Cherubini, during an interview with Tuttosport. “Out of the race for Haaland? Yes, as things are, I would say yes. Then there will be an evaluation of the situation in the transfer window and see if the opportunity arises. I would not like to rule anything out. One thing is clear, any investment it will be aimed at a young profile, other types of players are out of our plans “, he asserted.

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In this sense, the leader acknowledged that it was a mistake not to have recruited him while he was still a member of the Molde and his price was affordable. “Yes, it would be stupid to answer otherwise. Everything, however, must be contextualized. We were at the beginning of a new project with the subsidiary and the perspective that we could offer Haaland, in their eyes, might not be attractive. Today we would be focused. otherwise”he explained.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Cristiano Ronaldo, upcoming signings …

On the other hand, the leader also alluded to the alleged negotiations with the Italian Gianluigi Donnarumma, goalkeeper finally hired by PSG. “Juventus has a goalkeeper with a long contract and a reliability in which we continue to believe. So we felt that replacement was not a priority. It would not have made sense to do what PSG did. In other words, it was not convenient to create that condition of having to two first-rate goalkeepers on the same squad “, he indicated.

As expected, the manager was faced with questions related to the unexpected goodbye of Cristiano Ronaldo. “Cristiano Ronaldo told us: ‘I want to leave immediately’. And so we thought about anticipating the future with the signing of Moise Kean. He is not the replacement of CR7, but part of a new project to continue winning”, he asserted.

Finally, Cherubini wanted to make it clear that Juventus will try to play its tricks in future editions of the market. “We have an investment plan for the next few years and we already know how much we will be able to spend in the market. And I am convinced that we will be able to take advantage of other opportunities, obviously oriented to the type of policy we have adopted: young people with great potential and, possibly, Italians. Although you have to be careful when making predictions, you have to understand what type of market will return when the effects of the pandemic are definitively mitigated. This year there was a schizophrenic market: a global economic problem, there have been very different internal responses, even for different circumstances. “, he concluded.

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