Guti’s surprising message for barcelonismo

José María Gutiérrez ‘Guti’, icon of Real Madrid more critical of him FC Barcelona, surprised by providing an oxygen balloon in the form of a message to the archrival merengue, who lives hours of anxiety after the 0-3 conceded against the Bayern at the premiere of the Champions League. During the presentation of a LaLiga agreement, where he acts as an ambassador, with Burger King, the former player madridista assured in statements that he collected EFE that “Barcelona has great players and it will always have them, and if it is not going to be able to bring them in, it will take them out of the quarry.” “It is a team that, especially here in Spain, will continue to compete and we will see if in Europe they can compete or not,” he said.

Guti and the departure of Messi from Barça

Guti admitted that he knows that “Barcelona has not been able to renew Messi” and that “he has had money problems” and hinted that, for the sake of LaLiga, I would have preferred the continuity of the Argentine crack. “I’ve always said it, I want this league to be powerful. And for it to be powerful it has to have the best players. All the players who are good and can be in our league, the better for us. It will give us much more. prestige, much higher level and when competing in Europe we will notice it less “.

Whoever it was Real Madrid youth squad and that in the past he always left comments that denoted his rivalry with the Barça, on this occasion he surprised with his commiseration towards the moment culé.

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