Gus Miftah’s Explanation of His Lecture Video Related to the Case of Ayus & Nissa Sabyan

Gus Miftah at a religious event. Photo: doc for jpnn, JAKARTAGus Miftah | gave the impression of many videos containing the thread of his talk used to respond to the alleged affair of Ayus Sabyan and Nissa Sabyan.

In the video circulating on the TikTok application, Gus Miftah’s voice accompanies the photos Nissa Sabyan with his friends, including personnel Sabyan Gambus.

In the content of the talk / study, Gus Miftah’s voice was heard loudly reminding us not to insult sinners, as if we had never sinned.

“Often times we feel like being holy, even though Allah reminds us, eh, don’t pretend to be holy, bro, why? Because he (Allah) knows best who among you are pious, ”he said.

“We are good looks because the bad is covered by God. We seem to be honored because our insults are covered by God. We look holy because our sins are covered by God. Let us not feel the best among the others. Only God has the right to be a judge. Heaven will be inhabited by sinners but eventually repent. Not a person who is always holy but eventually lost, ”said the content of the talk.

Regarding this, Gus Miftah explained that he did not make the video. However, he did not deny that it was his voice in one of the studies.

In order not to widen and be associated with the busy Ayus and Nissa case, Gus Miftah deliberately uploaded the video on his Instagram account.

“Stop the chattering! Note: the video was edited, I don’t know who edited it, the voice of my study was matched with the picture. I am posting, because this video has been posted on many accounts, so people know that it was not me who made this video, ”he explained, Tuesday (23/2).

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