GTA 6 gets talked about again with a new job offer


GTA 6 is certainly one of the most anticipated games currently. Fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have been waiting for seven years to discover the title that will succeed GTA 5. Rockstar Games has not made this expectation easy since it wants to maintain the secret around the game.

Gamers have no choice but to turn to the many rumors that flood the web to keep abreast of the progress of the title. A few months ago, a source close to Rockstar Games revealed that GTA 6 would be two-thirds complete.

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A new element that comes from Rockstar India seems to confirm rumors that the studio is finalizing the development of GTA 6.

A new index on the progress of GTA 6

If you are hoping to get statements from Rockstar Games regarding the progress of GTA 6 development, you may be waiting a long time. Fortunately, we can count on fans of the franchise who are on the lookout for any information directly or indirectly related to the game.

Recently, job offers published by Rockstar India have caught the attention of internet users. They were published in June 2020 and relate to positions of game testers to be promoted within the Indian branch of Rockstar Games.

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GTA 6 is it about to be revealed?

In general, studios use testers to try out games they are currently finalizing. For gamers, posting these job openings can only mean one thing: Rockstar Games has (almost) finished working on GTA 6.

As we can read from the job offers published by Rockstar India, the people who will occupy these positions will have to “Test games and applications on different platforms, gaining in-depth knowledge of each. “ This information is certainly encouraging. However, for the moment, nothing proves that these job offers really concern the tests of GTA 6. They could also concern other projects of Rockstar Games. This rumor is therefore to be taken with tweezers, like all those concerning GTA 6.

The safest way is to wait for an official announcement from Rockstar Games.

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