Gremlins Kingston Falls is an idyllic little town thanks to its Christmas lights and snowfall — until the Gremlins take over. Dad is back …

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  1. One of my favorite childhood movie's I watched it so many times I Dame near wore the VHS tape out and even though I own it on DVD now what's the point of looking for it when it's right here on my phone !

  2. Oh, what are they! WHAT ARE THEY! They're here! Oh, they've come for me! They've come…I… I… I'm not ready! I'm not ready yet! I'm not READY AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

  3. I bet no one has ever thought about this, but I wonder what happens during the time they turn from the cute little Gizmos into those monsters? How would they develop the shell to? I guess you didn't need to think about stuff like that back in 1984. I have been watching this movie off and on for over 30 years, I still can't watch the part and 55:40

  4. Gizmo's voice is done by Howie Mandel & Frank Welker (the voice of Freddie Jones on Scooby Doo since 1969) and Stripe's voice is Michael Minslow (Police Academy, Mel Brooks' Spaceballs, Cheech and Chong's Next Movie and Nice Dreams). Gizmo's voice is also the same for Skeeter on Muppet Babies and Bobby (Bobby's World), another of Howie's creations. Peter Cullen (the original voice of Optimus Prime since 1983/1984) provided a voice for a gremlin, but I'm not sure which one.

  5. I just lost my wife and son and when I watch this movie always brings back memories of my childhood thank you for uploading deff made my night much better to all the other posting hope you enjoy the movie

  6. I learned it's t like looking up Andy griffin TV shows it had a lot of funny scenes but the science teacher is dead and he didn't do nothing about this he's right there at the police station and didn't tell them that the teacher is dead in the high school there's a lot of dead Grandma's inside of my house this move is kind of dumb people dying I see you why they had it as PG-13 cuz you couldn't see a blood I grew up on this movie to realize that this movie is nonchalant Fugazi but that's showbiz

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