Green pass to which categories the green certificate will be extended

The compulsory Green pass for state employees, for all those categories who work in places where it is already required and, perhaps, also for local public transport drivers and passengers. The last node on the extension of the green certificate, foreseen with a new decree and with measures in force since October, now concerns access to local public transport and control of the pass on vehicles.

All pending the meeting between trade unions and companies set for Monday 6 September, when Cgil, Cisl and Uil will see Confindustria and Confapi to discuss the pass in the workplace. With Italy without color changes for at least a week (Sicily is in yellow, the rest of the Peninsula is in the white band), the Government’s goal remains to reach 80% of the immunized vaccine audience by the end of September. An important fact that now seems to be within reach but which may not mean herd immunity, for which the completion of the vaccination cycle would still be missing for at least another 7 million people.

For this reason, an effective measure to raise the bar, aiming at 85% of immunized people over 12 in October, could be the enlargement of the green certificate. The new government maneuver could include buses, trams and subways. On a practical level, the measure could be facilitated by the fact that the controllers are gradually returning to the means of local transport, to verify the spacing and use of the masks.

The issue of anti-Covid investigations

However, the issue of anti-Covid investigations will still have to be clarified in all its aspects: already on the verification of the protective devices by public transport inspectors, a national negotiation is underway between the government and the unions, which are currently opposed.

Meanwhile, the road map launched since August 6 last – when the obligation to access restaurants, bars and cinemas was decided – continues and it is almost certain that the issues on the expansion of the pass to other sectors will be discussed in a control room on Thursday. next. The same Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, after the words of Prime Minister Draghi last Thursday, announced that in the “coming days” “decisions” will come for “an extension of the certificate to other areas of people’s lives”.

Hope: “We could also use the compulsory vaccination”

The representative of the government had also added that the possibility is not precluded, in case “there should be a need”, of “being able to use the vaccination obligation, which already exists for health personnel and which the Constitution allows with legislative initiative and which we believe is an instrument available to Parliament and the government should this be necessary “. A hypothesis, the latter, which seems to give way to that on the obligation of the Green pass. But the impact of the next autumn wave of the virus on the horizon will affect the decisions. At the moment the data are fortunately stable: 6,157 test positives identified in the last 24 hours and 56 victims in one day. Out of 331,350 swabs carried out, the positivity rate was 1.8%, compared to the previous 2.2%.


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