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The Cultural Routes program of the Community of Madrid is off to a promising start. After more than a year suspended by the pandemic, the sales of the 85,000 seats this season started on Monday, September 6 (In the absence of Imserso, the Madrid tourism program for the elderly arrives).

In statements to, the president of the Union of Travel Agencies (UNAV), José Luis Méndez, reveals that “acceptance by customers is turning out even better than expected.” “There are many reservations to travel to national destinations, although the departure from Costa Rica stands out with a higher demand than expected,” he explains.

Although he clarifies that it will be necessary to wait several weeks to have more consolidated data, he celebrates that “it does seem to have a magnificent acceptance”, which in his opinion shows “the interest in traveling” of the Madrid population.

The Cultural Routes program, which returns after the stoppage forced by the pandemic, has 85,000 places to travel to 445 destinations, with a minimum price of 275 euros per person up to a maximum of 1,600 euros. It will run from this September to March 31, 2022 and is the result of an agreement between the Community of Madrid and UNAV (Madrid reactivates its powerful tourism program for the elderly).

The collaborating agencies have designed routes that include 163 national destinations, 32 getaways, 4 easy routes, 158 international destinations, 20 European capitals, 56 long-haul trips and 12 cruises. The reservation of places can be made in the 731 accredited travel agencies, all of them in the Community of Madrid.

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