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Certainly a minor matter – but for many the most important thing in the world – is football. Except in Vienna Hütteldorf: There the SK Rapid is considered a religion. The youngest green and white salvation figure is only 17-year-old Yusuf Demir, who is already referred to as the “Austrian Messi” in international gazettes due to his delicate stature (1.73 meters, 69 kilos) and technical skills. Gerald Gossmann describes the super talent here.

Boy prodigies Kurz & Neymar

Outside of Hütteldorf, Rapid is not a recognized religious community. The association could be described profanely as the works team of the SPÖ Vienna, which was certainly voluntarily sponsored by the municipal power producer “Wien Energie”. In contrast to Rapid, the Viennese SPÖ knows the feeling of being first. Your salvation figure is Michael Ludwig. As a professional footballer, the position of the mayor would not be an offensive player like Demir, but rather a six. For laypeople: The six protects against the rear, but is also responsible for building the game. Some clubs rely on double sixs for tactical reasons. In the Viennese SPÖ a mayor is enough.

As this morning post is slowly coming to an end, we stay in the footballer allegory: National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka embodies the old-fashioned stopper who mows down everything that comes along, for example opposition members of the Ibiza U-Committee. How he does this extremely effectively can be read here.

Federal Chancellor Kurz is of course the captain, a classic number 10, a high-quality technician and all-rounder. However, like other boy prodigies (think of the Brazilian Neymar) he tends to be theatrical and simulated. Right-back Hans Peter Doskozil has sent himself off. Read here why the provincial governor of Burgenland did this.

Don’t let that stop you!

Gernot Bauer

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