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“Grand Theft Auto 5” online mode “Los Santos Modified Car” is now available “Grand Theft Auto 5”

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  《Grand Theft Auto 5》The online mode “Los Santos Modified Cars” is now available, and you can get together with riders at the new Los Santos car gathering. Plus challenge new racing, theft contract, and more.

With the launch of the GTA online mode “Lo Santo Modified Car”, car culture will once again sweep the streets.

“Modified Los Santos” brings exciting and exciting updates to all fans of GTA online mode, including Los Santos Car Gathering, where players can gather with car friends in this brand new clubhouse and social space, modified personal vehicles, Test new cars with friends on a private track, watch other players’ modified cars in real time, and more functions requested by players; in addition, there are ten brand-new cars with various modification styles that can be greatly modified, a brand-new modified shop real estate, six An earth-shattering new theft-style contract, new racing, a large number of game experience updates, and more.

Mimi runs the Los Santos Car Gathering in a dilapidated warehouse in Hinoki Flatland. You only need to pay 50,000 game currency to become a member, get clothes unlocked through hundreds of levels, new racing modes, new wheels and paintings, wholesale prices, and connect with special contacts to assist in the final contract errand.

You can also drive a personal vehicle or any of the three test cars on the test drive circuit to maximize their performance. With the launch of the “Los Santos Modified Car”, you will be able to drive the Kalinkelico GTF, Anish Oros, and the first to experience the First Land Comet S2, which will be launched by the legendary car industry next week.

Members can also participate in six new races; use the shared modification shop to modify the car or watch others modify the car; use the merchandise shop and get prize vehicles: participate in the weekly challenge and have the opportunity to get a wagon parked in Wipislam On the vehicle.

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Revelation: A highly skilled driver, but ask anything

The car gathering in Los Santos is just the beginning. The connections you establish here will lead you to a variety of new adventures and opportunities to earn quick money. Moodymann is ostensibly a talented performer on the DJ stage of the “Treasure Box”, but Kenny, also known as KDJ, is also a car fanatic. He and his crime partner Hesty are looking for value. The lofty goal wants to make a fortune from the sea.

To get into their circle, all you need is a refurbished shop: talk to KDJ and Histi at the Los Santos car club to learn how to invest in refurbished shops through the garden bank foreclosure real estate website. Your refit shop can run a legitimate business, refit the vehicle according to the required specifications and send it back to customers in Los Santos, but this real estate can also serve as a base of operations for the execution of the contract.

The contract allows you to undertake large-scale errands, such as robbery of IAA, Meriweather, etc. Each contract includes planning work and final errands, and all tasks can be performed alone or in teams with up to three other players. A vehicle that is fully modified according to needs, preferences and specifications is an invaluable asset for these tasks.

Your refit shop also has a showroom level, a ten-car garage, a refitting area that can be used to refit personal vehicles and friends’ vehicles, and it can also be used for foreign exports: find daily The vehicles on the list are used to earn extra money; in addition, there are a variety of optional upgrades, such as hiring a driver to help deliver the car, adding a jack-up machine to increase modification capacity, personal living space, and more.

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More music

“Los Santos Modified Car” also brings some changes to the radio menu, as well as new ways to find and listen to music, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while driving. Just collect a series of media flash drives with brand new music, and you can play music in your car.

Find out Moodyman’s media flash drive and discover a lively and rich summer playlist containing classic pieces and exclusive tracks. Performers include Nez, Channel Tres, Gangsta Boo, and members of Prince’s legendary band The Time One of them, Jesse Johnson, is suitable for listening to while driving or as background music for barbecue parties.

Rockstar Games has collaborated with CircoLoco, a representative of nightclub culture, to create the music label CircoLoco Records, and recently launched four “Monday Dreamin’ EPs. These four EPs are currently scattered around Los Santos waiting for you to discover. As long as you collect all four “Monday Dreamin'” media flash drives, you will be able to unlock the non-stop DJ special remixed version of the entire compilation of “Monday Dreamin'”. All 20 tracks have been remixed, specifically for ” “Lo Santo Modified Car” created a new interpretation version.

Collect all four CircoLoco media flash drives to unlock the CircoLoco T-shirt.

New car

The update launched today also includes ten vehicles that can be significantly modified, including domestic and imported vehicles of various levels:

  • Aubrey Detective S

  • Anish Oros

  • Dinka RT3000

  • Anish ZR350

  • The guardian star of the lion HKR

  • Kalinkerike GTF

  • Anish Remus

  • Dinka Joker RR

  • Kalinfodor GTX

  • Weipi Roadmaster GTT

Please pay close attention to more new vehicles that will be launched in the coming weeks.

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Born X RAISED comes to Los Santos’ streetwear circle

Car culture and fashion have always had an inseparable history. The streetwear brand Born x Raised understands this principle. Now you look at the shelves of boutiques in Los Santos and you will know that we are right. Please pay close attention to the BxR jacket with the “Olde English” logo on KDJ (also known as Moodyman), as well as the two new Born x Raised T-shirts. The local trendy people who understand the trend can be said to be hand-held. You can now buy Born x Raised black T-shirts at any clothing store. If you want to unlock the Born x Raised white T-shirt, you must complete the final stage of the theft contract (it will be sent 72 hours after login on August 2).

Speed ​​into the next generation

We will launch the Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X|S versions this fall. At that time, the maximum speed of certain vehicles will be increased to maximize the performance of the vehicles. Players can perform these new modifications at the Los Santos Cars .

This week: Special Arcade Rewards

Play GTA online mode this week to get a free “Hot Wind Chase” arcade machine for you to place in the modified shop real estate. You only need to purchase a modified shop now or in the future to receive this reward.

Prize vehicles, test cars, and more

Los Santos Car Gathering will provide jaw-dropping new opportunities every week for you to test your own technology and car specifications: test the performance of three test cars on the test drive circuit, and carry out weekly prize vehicle challenges to win Prize vehicles launched in rotation.

Look for the prize vehicle parked on the Slam truck of Los Santos, and complete the weekly challenge to get the opportunity to drive away the new vehicle. This week’s prize vehicle is the horrible Anish Remus. , From now until July 27, you can take it home by winning the top three in the “street racing” for three consecutive days. Please also remember to check out this week’s test cars: the new Kalinkelico GTF, Anish Oros, and the First Land Comet S2, which will be launched next week. You can now try these three on the test drive circuit. The performance of the car.

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Los Santos Car Gathering Rewards

Players who participated in the GTA online mode last week (July 15-19) will receive the Los Santos T-shirt after logging in to play this week. Players who participated in the real-time racing during the same period last week can get the Los Santos Car King Embroidered Jacket by logging in to play this week, and the players who steal the vehicle and sell it to the Los Santos Car King can get the Los Santos Car King for free. For the car king coverall, rewards will be sent within 72 hours of logging in after July 23.

Los Santos Party Membership Rewards

Step into the Los Santos Car Gathering this week to get the Los Santos Car King University uniform, and to become a member you can also get the Ron Petroleum racing camouflage for the First Land Comet S2. Participate in the “Sprint Race” challenge before July 28 to get a Rockstar yellow T-shirt. From now until August 17th, you can get 250,000 GTA game currency rewards by increasing your prestige to the car party membership level 20. If completed before July 28, the above rewards will be sent within 72 hours after you log in after August 2.

Please pay close attention to the news in the coming weeks. Los Santos car gathering members will be able to experience rotating test cars, win prize vehicles, and participate in challenges. In the coming weeks, new vehicles, theft contract updates, and more collectibles scattered around the Los Santos waterfront will be launched one after another.

Event rewards this week

The San Andreas Super Series offers double rewards; in addition, if you go to the Diamond Casino to play well and have fun, you will have a chance to win the Oslow Lynx. Plus the following discounts, please take advantage:

  • Mai Bazi Penumbra Messenger FF: 30% off

  • Elegy antique modification: 30% off

  • Weipi GB200: 40% off

  • Beef Clapp: 40% off

  • Lampada Ti Micheli GT: 40% off

  • Ani Savistra: 40% off

  • King Carlin: 40% off

  • Weipi Roadmaster GTX: 40% off

GTA online players who have successfully linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account and Prime Gaming will receive 100,000 GTA game currency when they log in to play this week.

In addition, Prime Gaming members can get free access to the modified shop real estate in Strobelli, as well as exclusive discounts, including a 30% discount on the Valkyrie Buckingham, and a 12% discount on Dinkas.

Please visit Prime Gaming and log in to ensure that you can receive future benefits.


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