Gran Canaria surpasses Tenerife for the first time as the island with the most accumulated cases of coronavirus | BE Las Palmas | Hour 14 Las Palmas

Gran Canaria has surpassed Tenerife as the island with the most accumulated cases of coronavirus for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, as extracted from the data published on the website of the Ministry of Health. Both capital islands are having a different behavior since the beginning of the health crisis last February. Although Tenerife has been the epicenter of Covid in the Canary Islands for all these months, it is now Gran Canaria that concentrates the vast majority of the new positives registered during the month of August.

In this regard, on August 1, Tenerife counted 1,316 accumulated cases of covid since the pandemic began, compared to the 693 that Gran Canaria had. This second island has tripled its positives in 23 days, since until this Saturday it had 2,043 total positives, compared to 1,975 on the Tenerife island.

However, the trend of contagion in recent weeks suggests that Gran Canaria, which only yesterday had 202 new positives for 39 in Tenerife, will continue to distance itself as the one that registers the most infections.

Contagions in social gatherings

For its part, the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands has indicated that the tracking teams work to find all the cases linked to the positives that have been infected, mainly, in family and social gatherings without maintaining security measures such as the use of masks , physical distance and hand washing.

In this sense, he stressed that the risk of contagion is produced by interaction between people and that the measures must be complied with both in public and private environments.

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