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Presenting your book “Memories of love in the historical drama of migrations” It was one of the last public activities that the priest Mauro Verezeletti had in Guatemala, a country that he will leave on December 29 after 23 years of humanitarian service in favor of migrants.

The book was presented this Saturday, December 18, in a hotel in the capital, but beforehand, during the week it received a tribute from the Embassy of Brazil, the country from which it is originally, and on Friday it officiated a mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The essence of the book, Verzeletti underlined, is the call made to governments to analyze the migrant problem in great depth and not only in a restrictive or punitive sense, but with a broader vision to achieve the long-awaited development of the countries .

In the 23 years that the priest was in Guatemala, he witnessed how the socioeconomic and security conditions were worsening in the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America, which greatly pushed migration north.

At the Casa del Migrante, where he has been director in recent years, they have cared for thousands of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Since 2018, the year that the caravan phenomenon began to occur until today, it is estimated that 50 thousand people have passed through the House.

More risks

During the presentation of his book, Verzeletti emphasized that “migration becomes more dangerous” as governments implement restrictive policies that are not very tolerant of the needs of the population. As an example, he cited threats from drug trafficking and human trafficking.

“The states have the enormous responsibility of creating public policies directed towards the poorest and most marginalized. The rich do not need the state, it is the most vulnerable who need it, ”said Verzeletti.

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“When a country expels a child from its own homeland, it is a country that needs to rethink its public policies,” he stressed.

The priest said that the book is “a legacy” of his work with migrants during these 23 years. “Thank you very much, Guatemala. I am leaving with my head held high because I know that I have fulfilled the mission of announcing the love and defense of the human rights of each migrant day and night, ”he exclaimed.

Verezeletti will travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he will study a master’s degree that is closely linked to the defense of human rights to “learn about new strategies and improve the capacities to negotiate with the most humane political states in defense of dignity and human rights.” .


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