Google’s Garosero Lab video deleted… ‘Snip sanctions’ pushed back by critics?

yunhap newsAs YouTube channels overflowing with ‘hate/discrimination’ content acted as the epicenter of malicious rumors and fake news, resulting in huge social waves and side effects. It remains to be seen whether it will lead to midnight activities.

YouTube’s creation and operation mechanism, in which commercialism for profit rather than media functions such as political theory and information delivery, acts as the main motif of YouTube creation, is acting as a driving force that enables the endless expansion of YouTube channels and contents. It has brought great opportunity and usefulness to mankind by mass-producing content faster than any other creative platform, but as the channel expands, the side effects get worse and become a social problem, beyond the level of concern.

Channels that cannot be freed from social responsibility, such as the media and corporations, are making self-correction efforts to maintain public credibility. It shows a strong tendency to not care whether it is or not.

As they are focused only on increasing the number of content views, fact-checking, which should be the basis of creation or content production, is behind them, and it is a kind of ‘ The reality is that they are taking the lead in polluting the public sphere.

In particular, the severe side effects are contents involving well-known entertainers, and while some content producers are focused only on ‘viewing sales’, it is not uncommon for famous celebrities to be murdered due to the distribution of misinformation.

singer rain.  Reporter Lee Han-hyungsinger rain. Reporter Lee Han-hyungA case in which a YouTuber specializing in entertainment recently circulated content on the subject of ‘Singer Rain is a wealthy of 80 billion won but does not buy rice’ can be cited as a typical example of raising the number of views inflicting fatal damage to the person’s reputation. . However, Google Korea, which operates YouTube, did not take any action even after providing the platform. The party, Rain, had no choice but to take civil and criminal actions through his company.

Not only the case of singer Rain, but also content that has no value as information and is far from the truth is being created and distributed countless times. The signal that YouTube’s harm has gone beyond the tolerable range is also revealed in recent media groups’ situational awareness.

The Garosero Research Institute, which is facing intense social criticism by continuously releasing content that promotes privacy and strife, is causing wasted controversy and creating numerous victims. The eyes of the people watching Ga Se-yeon’s runaway run are unbearable. Finally, on the 20th, the media union came out and pressured Google Korea, demanding regulations and measures for the Garosero Research Institute. The media union demanded appropriate action, saying, “The content distributed by Ka Se-yeon violated the YouTube guide because it contained misinformation, vulgar language, and incorrect information related to COVID-19.”

Ga Se-yeon video captureGa Se-yeon video captureCompared to the Korean characteristic, where ‘YouTube usage’ is much higher than other countries, Google’s content monitoring and self-correction efforts, which are YouTube operators, are weak. was somewhat foreseen. Moreover, it may have been unreasonable from the beginning to hope that the content self-cleaning function would work smoothly due to the nature of a multinational corporation of endless expansion of the platform and the pursuit of profit.

As criticism grew, Google Korea decided to sanction the Garosero Research Institute. Last week, Google imposed a ban on the Garosero Lab for deleting the video on the 12th and for a week (from the 20th) on uploading content and broadcasting live. However. Rather than taking issue with Ga Se-yeon’s problematic contents, there is a strong possibility that the problem will reoccur, as it has been pushed into criticism and raised by domestic media groups and intellectuals who have taken action because they could not withstand the side effects that Ga Se-yeon creates.

The YouTube phenomenon in 21st century Korean society, which views information as a means of making money rather than delivering useful information and distributing it without any restrictions, poses a major problem. It is time for more sophisticated measures to be taken.


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