One of the great things about Android is that instead of being dependent on major OS updates like that other mobile operating system, Google’s main apps receive regular updates throughout the year. While this is usually a platform highlight, it’s not uncommon for features to be changed or disappear randomly without notice. Case in point: A number of reports say that the Play Store notification that should be received when an app updates correctly is no longer displayed in the notification area.

Users first noticed missing notifications in early November, shortly after the Play Store version 17.4 was released. Since then, multiple accounts have emerged along the Reddit and OnePlus forums to share the same notification fights. Several members of our team have tested these claims and confirmed that our update notifications are also missing on the Google Play Store version 17.6.19. As you can see in the GIF below, when you touch the “update” button on Google Fi, the Play Store signals that the app is being updated, but once finished, there is no final notification to confirm that the update it’s over.

In addition to the non-submission of update notifications, some users in the Google, Reddit support forums and in the central Android forums that use the manual update method have reported a similar problem in which the apps that need to be updated never require the user via a notification to do so, giving credit to the theory that this problem is most likely a notification bug and not a feature. We contacted Google for a comment and will update this story as soon as we get an answer.