Goodbye Giulia, OSS 41 years old who died in her sleep. The Companion: Grueling shifts, I want justice!

Goodbye Giulia, 41-year-old OSS who died in her sleep, the complaint of her partner: “For a month she had had exhausting shifts, she couldn’t take it anymore!” Then his heart stopped forever.

Farewell to Giulia Esposito, social health worker who died in her sleep the night between 27 and 28 November. She was originally from Campania but worked in Lombardy.

The complaint by the comrade to the local press.

“Giulia was loved by everyone and she loved patients and taking care of them. He had been in the covid ward for a month and couldn’t take it anymore.

He was always at work and had shifts after shifts, he came back and slept, he had no strength for anything else. His life is over but I will not stop looking for justice. I want to know how a 41-year-old woman as healthy as a fish can die in her sleep ”.

The whole editorial staff clings to the pain of friends and relatives.

Hi Giulia, have a good trip.

It is only theennesibut OSS died of Covid or probably related causes (related stress, suicide etc.).

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