Good application of the health pass in Brussels: “We do not have the means to control all the snacks and restaurants”

How to control the correct application of the health pass? The mayors adhere to the pass but differ on the method.

An electronic consultation committee validated this Thursday the cooperation agreement which allows the Regions to impose the coronapass on people over 16 years of age in various additional activity sectors, namely the hotel and catering industry, sports halls, nightclubs, dance halls, scholarships and conference rooms. From this framework, the federated entities can decide to use it in whole or in part. The health pass should come into force on October 1 in the Brussels-Capital Region. “In certain sectors, it will prevail, as in the nightlife industry. On the whole of the Horeca, we really have to think about it”, specified Alain Maron (Ecolo), Brussels Minister of Health on the RTBF. Wallonia and Flanders do not plan to engage for the moment. A central point has not yet been decided: who will control the possession of the pass but above all, who will control that we control?

The controls must be defined by the Covid police station in agreement with the sectors and the ministers of health. “It’s always…

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