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Golem.de hobbies for the home office: put action figures in the self-made coffin

by drbyos

Anyone who sits at the computer all day and reports for Golem.de about tech events from nearby and distant countries needs real manual work to compensate. Collecting and, above all, modifying Big Jim action figures is my bizarre hobby and that of my ten-year-old son. Initially, 3D printing played a crucial role, now we work more with green stuff as a modeling clay and with acrylic colored pencils. We also use components from other action figures that we connect to the Big Jims. The hobby can be continued excellently even in times of the corona pandemic, because everything can be ordered online and made at home.

We have boxes with body parts and organs in stock like at Frankenstein. Big jims can be modified in many ways: you can make monsters out of them or new special agents. Some can also make a great accessory. We did this with a Big Jim, which another collector elaborately redesigned and dressed as Dracula. We made him a little paler and put more blood on his face.

Of course, the action figure still needed an authentic coffin in the right size. After a long search, something suitable was found on Ebay: a small animal coffin. The heart shaped tombstone with the inscription “We miss you” the provider was allowed to keep. We painted the plywood coffin with high-opaque piano lacquer and knocked it out with “Moscow wine red” bag fabric. The whole thing was so convincing that another collector in our WhatsApp group found little Dracula shocking.

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Work in progress (Image: Achim Sawall / Golem.de)

Custom action figures like Big Jim are redesigned themselves. When my son and I started, the characters initially only got a new beard or other hair. Then we ventured to a horse’s foot and horns for a centaur. Later we created a werewolf and many other monsters like the Piggy Man from American Horror Stories (with the heads coming from unfortunate characters from the Schleich company). The next step was a two-headed Big Jim, the Perry Rhodan character Ivan Ivanovich Gorachin is modeled. It is a matter of honor for us hobbyists that the heads can also turn.

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