Golden Retriever loves to play like a child with its owner (VIDEO)

Golden Retriever loves to play like a child with its owner (VIDEO)

There are many dog ​​breeds in the world, each with unique and surprising characteristics. We can find those who like to relax all day, while there are those who would play for whole days. Definitely, the Golden Retriever breed is one of the most popular among families, as they are sweet and bond very much with their owners. They are very playful, especially with children, and for this reason they are perfect babysitters. In a very sweet video that went viral on Youtube, we can see a Golden Retriever who loves to play together with its owner. The man loves having fun with his furry friend, allowing him to play tricks.

His name is Baileyand is a very spoiled big dog. It cannot be said that he is a lazy dog, given that, if it depended on him, he would always be on the move. In fact, this Golden Retriever loves to play with his family, with whom he has a wonderful relationship. Web users already love him, as the video of him has gone viral on Youtube.

We all know how nice it is to play with our four-legged friends. They always manage to put us in a good mood, and sometimes they could prove to be real children. This very sweet Golden Retriever named Bailey loves to tease himself with his dad. The man plays along with him, and we can see him laughing and having fun with him.

In the sweet video that went viral, we can see Bailey trying in every way to get the man’s attention. Her dad, knowing her intentions, immediately gives him rope. So they position themselves on the sofa, where the man begins to make a barrier with cushions. Bailey immediately passes her, ending up on top of him. Here, we can witness a really sweet scene. The furry friend seems to want to invite his dad to play, constantly jumping on top of him.

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The video went viral in no time, where it has totaled more than 340,000 views among users.


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