Golden Retriever is waiting for siblings to play

Golden Retriever is waiting for siblings to play
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A golden retriever who has been waiting for weeks for his roommates, a couple of puppies, to finally be big enough to play with is melting the hearts of TikTok users.

Poppy, a Golden Retriever, sits patiently at her little siblings’ crib. Periodically she looks over the wooden fence to find out if her big day has finally arrived – the day when she can romp and romp with the little puppies. @our.golden.gang recently posted this cute video TikTok posted.

In the hope that the little ones will finally be able to play with her, Poppy sometimes even brings her toys with her. “Every chance you get,” she watches them grow with a heartwarming doggy look. Finally, the excited big sister is rewarded and is allowed to greet the little ones with tender kisses.

After weeks of impatient waiting, the little puppies finally have enough strength to start their playful teenage phase with Poppy. “The best day of Poppy’s life has finally arrived,” the owners write about the adorable clip, which has now been viewed almost three million times and marked with a heart almost 280,000 times. “There’s nothing like the love of a big sister,” the dog’s parents write under the video.

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Golden Retriever litter – golden furballs of happiness

On average, about eight puppies are born in a Golden Retriever litter, but the number would vary between four and 12 retriever babies Newsweek. Even though Golden Retrievers are considered the epitome of family-friendly dogs, the puppies would still need consistent upbringing and good training from an early age. You should start training from the age of eight weeks. This is the only way to establish rules, boundaries and routines and to teach the dog what is acceptable and what is not.

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Between the ages of two and six months, puppies develop rapidly. Unwanted behaviors can be avoided if little ones learn to communicate through barking or other signals. Socialization also increases puppies’ confidence in groups. A phase in which the mini-dogs are very well-behaved is followed by a “phase of youthful rebellion” between the ages of six and 18 months Newsweek she calls. This period of time would be about building on the foundation of the first few weeks.

For example, it might be appropriate to teach the Goldie puppies commands to drop objects that they shouldn’t carry around in their mouths, which Golden Retrievers love to do. Finally, from around 18 months of age, Golden Retrievers begin to approach maturity. They have then learned to understand rules and the importance of basic obedience. In addition, there are now characteristics of individuality. In addition, the emotional development is now complete.

Poppy teaches her puppy siblings how to be goldies

The cute puppies in the viral TikTok video still have an exciting journey ahead of them. But right now it’s all about gaming. Poppy will no doubt be at their side and will definitely teach them how to be goldies.

People on social media can’t get enough of Poppy – her gentle demeanor and patient temperament captures hearts. Despite her impatience to romp with her siblings, she shows herself to be a caring big sister. The post has already garnered over 1,400 heartfelt comments praising Poppy for her loving role.

  • “I want to see the fast forward where they all drive her insane or just chase her around and play.” The owners finally posted the answer.
  • “The little paw that nudges her nose. 😭”
  • “She brought them all their best toys. 🥰”
  • “She’s so sweet and makes sure she doesn’t invade her room. I could die from this. 🥹”


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