Goggo Cart, the autonomous cars that will distribute food in Madrid

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Autonomous driving is a reality that is increasingly present around the world and with the passage of time more companies are betting on manufacturing vehicles of this type, with Tesla leading the race. Some of them can already be found in Spain. For example, the city of Malaga has an unmanned bus in operation; while Madrid will receive two autonomous cars that will bring your food home.

Goggo, a driverless transport company, will bring two autonomous vehicles to the Spanish capital: the first one is a kind of Food Unmanned truck with which to order food from a restaurant and pick it up at the door of the work building; and the second of these cars is designed for delivery of home purchases. The pilot projects of both services will be launched in Madrid in the last quarter of 2021

“Goggo is a company that was created three years ago that is dedicated to electric and autonomous mobility in Europe. Now we are launching a pilot service in Madrid in which we will launch two different autonomous vehicles to see how people use and react to them. After the tests, we hope that in the future there will be more of these cars on the streets, “says Yasmine Fage, co-founder of Goggo, to OMICRONO.

A food Truck autonomous

The Food Trucks They are large vehicles equipped to prepare and sell food on the street, and some of them even have a kitchen on board that allows you to cook any dish from scratch. Starting from these transports, Goggo will launch an autonomous car in Madrid as a sales channel with which they seek extend and bring the culinary offer of local restaurants closer to the consumer.

This is Goggo, the autonomous car that brings your food home

The Food Truck autonomous, called Goggo Cart, covers a pre-established route and stops at different service points to stock up at nearby local restaurants when stocks run out or to change the menu. “It is a large autonomous vehicle in which restaurants can put their food and that are prepared to store both hot and cold dishes. In this case, the Food Truck It will move through the area of ​​the Four Towers in Madrid, “says Yasmine Fage.

To use this service, users only need to take out your mobile and open the Goggo Cart app. “With it you can both check the position of the vehicle thanks to a map and the menu available at that time. In this way, the consumer can reserve their food and, once the autonomous car is close, they can approach him or wait for him to arrive to get off, pay directly at the robot through service contactless -card or mobile- and collect the food without human intervention “, explains the directive.

In this case, the Food Truck It will move in busy areas at a limited speed of 10 km / h (although it can reach 30 km / h) and depending on demand. Once the day is over, the autonomous vehicle has the ability to return its remaining food stocks to the restocking point, where the company will manage them in a supportive and sustainable way. In addition, the car will also head to your parking lot to recharge the battery.

This is the Goggo Food Truck.



This vehicle is designed to operate in complex weather conditions, as in days of fog, rain and snow; and has a cumulative safe autonomous driving mileage of more than 1.3 million kilometers. Inside it can store up to 100 objects, supporting a total of 400 liters of weight, and a great variety of technology.

“The two models we launched are equipped with sensors to achieve simultaneous and redundant vision to offer greater security in all directions. Along with cameras and a combination of artificial intelligence with advanced classical algorithmic, can detect and avoid obstacles such as traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles“, says Yasmine Fage.

They bring the purchase

The second model that the company will bring to the Spanish capital is a slightly smaller robot designed to take the groceries home. Designed for city centers, these fully electric autonomous robots will move along the sidewalks of the streets within a certain area and at a maximum speed of 8 km / h, the equivalent of that of a pedestrian.

The autonomous car that brings your groceries home.

The autonomous car that brings your groceries home.



“Once the user places an order through the appThese vehicles go autonomously to a designated supermarket where they deposit the purchase. From there, the robot heads towards the customer’s building or house, which can be checked if it is nearby with the app. Once it arrives, the user receives a notification and can go down for the purchase“, says the co-founder.

This model has a battery that offers a range of 3 hours, a capacity to store up to 20 kilograms, offers an accumulated mileage of safe autonomous driving of more than 875 kilometers and is also packed with sensors and has artificial intelligence. Unlike Food Truck, this car can detect up to eight types of objects: roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrians, animals, vehicles, traffic lights and traffic signs.

To offer these two services, an important preliminary preparation work is needed, both logistically, technologically and legally, such as having the necessary permits from the local authorities. “Being a pilot, in Madrid we are going to launch these autonomous vehicles in limited areas with the aim of testing the robot and that it can map the terrain to learn to avoid obstacles well. In the future we hope that this area will be larger and that instead of two cars there will be many more “, concludes Yasmine Fage.

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