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God is a woman

by drbyos

** Suroscopia 2014 Finalist ** Screened at KO & Digital International Film Festival Press: El diario.es http://www.eldiario.es/andalucia/Dios-mujer-Femen-Espana_0_292571095.html Fundación AVA http: // www. fundacionava.org/?section=noticias&action=ficha&contentid=26925 Under the slogan abortion is sacred, three bare-chested young people broke into the Congress of Deputies, carrying out a protest that would not leave anyone indifferent. This inaugural action by the Spanish branch of Femen was only the first in a long list. Their particular way of fighting has turned them into a media phenomenon that occupies the front pages of the media around the world. But how did it all start? What’s behind Femen? What are they fighting against?

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