Go a long way. Inform the congressman. The party has prepared a resignation letter for a long time. Just pick it up or send it to the post office.

Revealing the list of 7 MPs, moving forward, voting against the party’s resolution, “Wirot” posted to Cobra The party has prepared a resignation letter for a long time. Just pick it up or send it to the post office.

The case for distrust of the government Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and 6 ministers, including the latest today (4 September) have already voted. The results of the vote of no-confidence debate are as follows:

As for the Progressive Party, in its voting records, it found that 7 MPs voted against the party’s majority. The list is as follows:

1. Mr. Karom Pholpornklang
2. Mr. Kasemsan Meethip
3. Mr. Kwanlert Panichmat
4. Mr. Peeradej Khamsamut
5. Mr. Ekaphop Piansuek
6. Mr. Jirawat Aranyakanon

As for Mr. Charan Khumkhainam, the Chon Buri MP, whose name appears, did not vote. because it had previously informed the party that it wasCOVID-19 and was admitted to Laem Chabang Hospital, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province.

latest MrWirot Lakkhana Adisorn List of MPs from the Progressive Party Has come out to tweet a message via private Twitter, stating, “Thank you for all the support of the people. who still trust us to work Even though the changes that everyone expects have not been achieved, we are seeing more progress. Important social agendas have been paid more attention to. We continue to work hard. and believe in change.”

“P ‘ Jarat Khum Khai Nam is addicted to covids. Now he’s healed until he’s out of danger. but had to self-isolate at home. Is there a way to have a long-distance vote? It turns out that it really can’t be. In the case of Jarus confirms there is no problem.”

“In the case of “Cobra”, the party has prepared a resignation letter for everyone for a long time. Just pick it up and sign it and it’s done. You can coordinate and come to the party administration.”


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