GNTM 2022: Candidate Wiebke is a professional basketball player

In the clip: Wiebke – “I’m a professional basketball player”

Wiebke is already on the basketball court at the age of eight. At that time she was playing with her mother. Today she is 22 years old and a real professional. She was already part of the youth Bundesliga in Hamburg and made the leap to America. She was recruited by colleges and has played basketball there for the past four years. Wiebke is now embarking on the next exciting journey with Heidi Klum on “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2022.

Wiebke had problems because of her size

While her height of 1.95 meters is an advantage in basketball, Wiebke also suffered from it in everyday life. It was particularly difficult for her in her early teens. She admits: “One felt very excluded because of the size.” The fact that she was taller than most girls her age also earned her some nicknames, such as “Giraffe” or “Eiffel Tower”.

Because she was often reduced to her height, Wiebke lost self-confidence. “You had to prove to yourself that you’re not just the size or that you like your own size,” explains the GNTM candidate in retrospect. Overcoming this was not easy for the athlete.

Wiebke speaks openly about prejudices

Even today, she regularly struggles with the fact that some people only see her height and not what really defines her as a person. Wiebke is now self-confident enough to speak openly about the prejudices.

According to Wiebke, many men prefer women who are shorter than themselves. That’s why she had trouble dating. She wishes men had more courage. They should “have the confidence to approach me,” she says.

Wiebke’s passions: basketball and modelling

In addition to basketball, Wiebke has a second passion: modeling. “I think basketball and modeling go together perfectly,” says the 22-year-old. Will she be as successful with “Germany’s Next Top Model” as in sports?

At least she herself is determined: “I love basketball. But I also love modeling and I would be very happy if a very big woman like me could be seen on the catwalks.”

You can see how Wiebke is doing on the catwalk in the 17th season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” from February 3 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and auf Joyn.

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