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GLORY HOLE – news from over there III – – Max Höfler

by drbyos

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“GLORY HOLE – nachrichten von drüben” is a screen literature magazine for common short forms, which appears monthly and can be seen every evening on the outside screen of the FORUM STADTPARK. The third issue bears the simple title “MAY”. (Text / Concept / Layout / Sound: Max Höfler – Guest comment: Ralf B. Korte) — Text — GLORY HOLE news from over there issue III MAY behind city park bushes on the crowded dance floor on the contracts of the colleague on the spinning washing machine at the freeway parking lot in the train compartment after saying goodbye in cinema at snakes on a plane II in the schloßberglift in the bed uncovered for weeks on the high seat on the still warm stone floor in the bunker after the incident in the back seat in front of the large disco in the snow on the beanbag in the dixiklo by chance in the taxi as a teaser in your mother’s wardrobe in front of the Mirror for the meta level on the set in the safe after a course crash in the stairwell after the money was handed over on the shared kitchen table in front of the computer in the forumk eller for in between in the darkroom for reasons of dexterity on the plane toilet before the crash at the cemetery to type o negative in the city park fountain because of the bet in the moor against the fear on a house wall only with me and with you the guest comment: on the lawn between the tenement barracks on the guest bed nuts in the corridor between people on the ex’s birthday

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