Giant Winged Reptile Fossil Found in Scotland, Like What? – Researchers have found winged reptile giant -sized on the shores of the Isle of Skye, at Scotland.

They revealed that the fossils of a winged reptile known as pterosaurus it has a wingspan of more than 2.5 meters.

Animals believed to have lived in the period Jurassic This species is thought to have last lived 170 million years ago.

The research team said this was evidenced by the pterosaur teeth which were found to be in good condition with shiny enamel.

The newly discovered pterosaur fossil is given the Gaelic name Dearc sgiathanach (pronounced jark ski-an-ach), which translates to a winged reptile.

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Reported from CNNTuesday (22/2/2022) the fossil was first discovered during research in 2017. At that time, doctoral students at University of EdinburghAmelia Penny, sees the jaws of a reptile appearing on the rocky shores of the Isle of Skye.

“This (find) is a superlative Scottish fossil. The preservation is extraordinary, surpassing any pterosaurs ever found in Scotland and perhaps the best skeleton found since Mary Anning’s time in the early 1800s,” said Professor and Head Palaeontology and Evolution Of School of GeoSciences University of EdinburghSteve Brusatte.

He added that the Dearc fossil was the largest pterosaur found so far, and his team suspected the size of this reptile might be larger than initially thought.

In the Cretaceous period, before the devastating asteroid attack dinosaur 66 million years ago, pterosaurs like Quetzalcoatlus were thought to have had a wingspan of up to 12 meters.

The discovery of the fossil of the pterosaur winged reptile, was published on February 22, 2022 in the journal Current Biology.

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