Gian Piero Ventrone, former Juventus coach today at Tottenham, died

He had been in Juventus for ten years with Lippi, in 2021 the call to Tottenham. He was struck down by fulminant leukemia

Mourning in the world of football. Gian Piero Ventrone, former Juventus athletic trainer, currently at Tottenham in Antonio Conte’s staff, died suddenly in his Naples from a fulminant leukemia. He was 62 years old. According to sources from the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Naples, his death occurred this morning at 6.45 am. He was hospitalized in intensive care since yesterday. Ventrone had arrived in the emergency room on the evening of 4 October and was immediately put on mechanical ventilation because he was in a coma. A few days ago he had discovered that he had acute myeloid leukemia. The funeral will be held on Sunday at 3pm.

Juventus historian

Ventrone, nicknamed the Marine because of his very hard training, had been at Juve from 1994 to 1999 and then from 2001 to 2004. He was also part of Lippi’s blue expedition in the 2006 world triumph. ‘Ajaccio had returned to being an athletic trainer before Catania and then in China at Jiangsu Suning and Guangzhou Evergrande. In 2021 Conte had wanted him with him to get the Spurs back to win.


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