Ghost of Tsushima 2 is coming and promises to be revolutionary

Released in 2020, the Ghost of Tsushima opus took the video game world by surprise … and Sony first, who did not expect the huge success that Ghost of Tsushima was going to receive in a few months.

Ghost of Tsushima 2: the sequel in preparation on PS5

It’s been rumored for a while now thata suite à Ghost of Tsushima either under construction, with a release date probably between 2023 and 2024 on Playstation 5. The development cycle would have only recently started however, according to the new job descriptions from the studio Sucker Punch! One “senior designer in combat” and one “combat technical designer” are thus sought after, while the post of “scriptwriter” has just been completed. A condition for hiring: it is essential to have played Ghost of Tsushima and understand its gameplay mechanics !

Enough to imagine a sequel in the boxes, the writing of which would only have just been concluded. Note that this cannot be the online mode, Legends, since it is coming to the end of its follow-up in terms of content. These posts therefore necessarily concern a new game, Ghost of Tsushima 2 or a new license.

Sony fully behind Ghost of Tsushima, a sequel is not surprising

From the release of this “Assassin’s Creed” in Japan, success is at the rendezvous. Now holding the record for the fastest-selling exclusive game in Playstation history, Ghost of Tsushima is also popular with gamers for its online mode. A first DLC later and a Director’s Cut editionand it is the continuity which is launched for Sony which would have given carte blanche to the studio.

Thanks to 8 million copies sold today, Ghost of Tsushima could therefore see a sequel. Let’s be careful: Sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet, and development is only in its infancy. Nevertheless, the Playstation 5 is the perfect platform for such a game, there is no doubt that creators know this and seek to capitalize on it! Gameplay level, we don’t know anything: Jin Sakai or a new character? In Japan or Mongolia, to take revenge on the invaders? In short, lots of small questions that will require a little patience before finding an answer.


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