GF Vip, Al Bano reveals: “Why Jasmine and I said no”

Al Bano Carrisi and his daughter Jasmine could have taken part in the new edition of Big Brother Vip, but they decided to refuse. Despite Alfonso Signorini’s “courtship”, they didn’t feel it: but what are the reasons behind this gesture?

The cast del GF VIP it is finally outlined, after a long wait that made everyone remain in suspense. Among the many confirmed names, however, there are not those of Al Bano and Jasmine. In reality, on their possible participation no particular rumors were shot: and to think that, according to what was revealed by the artist from Cellino San Marco, both would have been in the crosshairs of Alfonso Signorini, which again this year will be at the helm of the Canale 5 reality show.

The singer has in fact given an interview to the weekly New one, explaining why he and his daughter they did not accept the tempting invitation to enter the most spied house in Italy. “Big Brother Vip? The proposal had reached both her and me, but that is a type of program that I do not see suitable for the two of us “- admitted Al Bano, then keeping to clarify that”Jasmine’s decision to give up was not influenced by our family. “A completely autonomous choice, that of the young Carrisi, dictated by the desire to dedicate herself to something different.

Indeed, both have other projects in their future. After disappointment of not having been reconfirmed in the jury of The Voice Senior, have moved on and set other important appointments in their diaries. This year they will not be in their place in the red armchair of the show by Antonella Clerici, replaced by a sparkling one Orietta Berti, fresh from the incredible success of the summer with the single Mille.

But, as we said, in the Carrisi family there is no shortage of commitments for the autumn. Al Bano, in particular, accepted the proposed by Milly Carlucci and will be one of the next competitors of Dancing with the Stars, a totally new challenge for him – although in the past he has already dressed as a dancer for a night alongside Romina Power. Jasmine instead wants to focus on her activity as a singer: the girl, who has the dream of breaking into the world of rap, has decided to devote yourself to the preparation of new singles to boost his musical career.


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