Getting to know the Bess Method for the Treatment of Back Pain: Methods Up to Cost – Pain problem backbone experienced can reduce the quality of life. Not a few have difficulty doing activities because spinal pain which is not handled properly.

The majority of medical procedures to treat spinal pain due to pinched nerves or HNP (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus) are performed with PELD (Percutaneous Endoscopy Lumbar Decompression) endoscopic technology. But lately there is the latest technology Biportal endoscopic spinal surgery (BESS), what is it?

BESS is the leading technology or the best with minimally invasive procedures during surgery to treat complaints of problems in the spine.

Minimally invasive is meant, doctors do not need to injure the patient’s body a lot by inserting various tools into the body. As the name suggests biportal, which means two portals (entrances). One for the camera and the other for the tool or probe.

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Illustration of back pain, tailbone, waist, back. (Shutterstock)

As a result, this technology is very beneficial for patients, because the success rate is high and the duration of the procedure is shorter.

“So simply, BESS is minimally invasive surgery, not open surgery. The first portal is for ‘seeing’ and the second portal makes it easier for doctors to ‘work’ over problems in the spine. This benefits doctors and patients,” said dr. Danu Rolian, Sp.BS, a neurosurgeon specialist from Dr. Pain Clinic. Indrajana, during a press conference on Friday (10/9/2021).

dr. Danu, who often performs the BESS procedure, said that the BESS technique is like having two doors that make the doctor’s field wider and can access the location of the spine more freely from various sides.

“The benefits to the patient, the recovery process is faster, and the problem of pain in the spine is quickly resolved,” said dr. Danu.

In addition, the BESS procedure is like a perfect method of the endoscopic method, which only relies on a camera and inserts an instrument into the body, for surgery.

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“Through this technology, the tools used in the endoscopic method can still be used in the procedure and are very helpful, thus perfecting the endoscopic method,” added dr. Danu.

For the record, BESS not only improves the condition of the bone bearing (disk) but can also perform several actions at once, namely:

  • Decompression is reducing or releasing excessive pressure, especially
    in pinched nerves.
  • Overcoming bone spurs or bone spurs and thickening of the facet joints.
  • Install the implant on the spinal segment.
  • Can reduce bleeding if it occurs.
  • Overcome the thickening of the tissue that may pinch the nerves.

This BESS can not only treat hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP), but can also help treat spinal stenosis, spinal degenerative processes, and other problems related to the spinal column.

The cost of the BESS procedure is quite affordable, according to dr. Danu, from his practice at Dr. Pain Clinic. Indrajana, the cost is around Rp. 85 million.

Unfortunately, because this procedure is still new, it has not yet been covered by the services of the Social Security Administering Body or BPJS Health.

“We hope that because of the effectiveness of this method, we hope to be included in the BPJS health insurance,” concluded dr. Danu.


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