Georgina Rodriguez ‘evil’? Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend destroyed by a family member

This is one of the most famous couples and especially the most followed on the planet. For more than 4 years, Cristiano Ronaldo and george rodriguez live a beautiful love story that will soon materialize with the arrival of twins in a few months. The football star fell for the beautiful 28-year-old Spaniard and since then the two lovebirds have not left each other. Now settled in England after the 36-year-old Portuguese went to Italy, the couple take advantage of life and the great opportunities offered by the sportsman’s career to have a good time together.

Before living in luxury alongside Lionel Messi’s great rival, Georgina experienced poverty, as she explains in I Am Georgina, the reality TV show dedicated to her. “She insists she will never forget where she comes from and her loved ones, but believe me. his uncle, Jesus Hernandez, interviewed by the British media The Sun, it would be quite the opposite… Mother of a little Alana Martina that she had with Cristiano Ronaldo, the beautiful brunette would have been raised by this uncle after his father ended up in prison, but since his romance with the Portuguese striker, he would have no news of her.

She called me just once or twice since I found out she was dating Ronaldo

“Maybe she’s ashamed of us and she thinks she’s better than us. because we don’t live in luxury”, explains Jesus Hernandez, visibly very disappointed with the behavior of his niece. “I’ve never asked her for anything. She’s only called me once or twice since I found out she was dating Ronaldo”, assures the one who now speaks of it as “Devil” for his attitude towards his family.

Other members of his family resent him

But he’s not the only family member to have a grievance against Georgina since his half-sister Patricia Rodriguez also returned to an episode that marked it. “For her son’s birthday, I asked her if she could ask Cristiano to sign a t-shirt for my boy and she replied ‘Non’. She didn’t want to disturb him on his vacation.”, she says. The English publication also talks about Georgina’s grandmother, died three years ago at the age of 80 and who did not have the chance to meet her granddaughter Alana Martina before her death.

Very heavy accusations against the companion of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has not yet wished to answer them.


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