Genshin Impact’s Argentine streamer criticized the Chinese; the community enraged

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Without a doubt, today more than ever public personalities must moderate what they say and how they express themselves, especially if they are on a live broadcast and dozens of viewers have the ability to immortalize the moments with a simple screenshot or video. The above was discovered in a bad way by Kylorren_Lol, an Argentine youtuber and streamer who this week unleashed the fury of the internet after he attacked the Chinese.

The thing is, Tenha, a popular Korean content creator from Genshin Impact, uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he presented a build of the character Keqing that, apparently, he created by accident and has very good statistics.

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Tenha is one of the most outstanding personalities in the community of Genshin Impact, so his video obviously caught the eye. This is where Kylorren_Lol comes in, a popular Latin American content creator who recently started uploading a lot of free-to-play material from miHoYo and expressed an interest in reacting to the video to buy his stats.

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However, Tenha explained in a post on Twitter that he has no personal relationship with the Argentine streamer and that he did not ask for permission to react to his video. Instead, it allowed you to take screenshots and compare the damage of the characters.

Unfortunately, Kylorren_Lol reacted to that message in a live broadcast and proceeded to broadcast the following: “I work for Chinese and they are the worst. For me, the worst people in the world, and truly forgive me because they are not all the same, but working with Chinese is the worst in the world.

Additionally, the Argentine streamer and youtuber joked and assured that he will wait for Tenha to start broadcasting to donate 100 bits and tell him “what the hell is wrong with you, Chinese motherfucker?”

Genshin Impact’s Asian community lashed out at Kylorren_Lol

Evidently, Kylorren_Lol’s comments caused the fury of netizens, especially fans of Genshin Impact who are part of the Asian community.

Once the controversy broke out, the Latin American creator deleted all his social networks. However, Atsu, another streamer calling himself AsianGuyStream, re-uploaded the clip and publicly asked Twitch and YouTube to take action on it.

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Additionally, Tenha uploaded a video to YouTube where he addressed the controversy and explained what happened from his point of view. There, he reiterated that he does not know Kylorren_Lol and never had contact with him before the incident, while also delving into the subject of racism experienced by Asians.

Finally, Kylorren_Lol made a live broadcast on September 7 where he also addressed the controversy and publicly apologized. He acknowledged that his statements were a mistake and explained that at no time was his intention to deliver a racist message against the Chinese and the Asian community. Also, he said that he did know that Tenha was Korean.

“I do not want to excuse myself at all, but we are human beings and we are in a very difficult time where any comment made, whether on a social network or in person, can be taken the wrong way. I’ll be back and repeat, excuse me, “explained the Argentine streamer in his video of apologies of almost 40 minutes.

But tell us, what do you think of this whole situation? Do you think the community reaction was exaggerated? Let us read you in the comments.

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