Genoveva has an ace up its sleeve, here’s which one

Genoveva / One life

Genoveva / One life

Aurelio delivers Rodrigo’s false letter to Valeria, but notices a certain embarrassment and so begins to guess between her and David there is something tender. Valeria rejects David. Aurelio takes it out on Genoveva for having ordered Natalia’s death and threatens her with a weapon. But Salmeron has an ace up her sleeve: photos of Quesada as she stabs Anabel. An article written by Ramon (under a pseudonym) becomes the new gossip of the neighborhood. Felipe discovers that Dori has hidden the newspaper from him to prevent him from reading it and giving up the walk with her.

Guillermo explains to Liberto that he will no longer go to class with him. A mysterious note arrives at Ignacio. Servante intends to give a San Fabiano medal to his wife, but Jacinto does not want to. Ramon, after learning from Lolita that Fidel is actually a policeman, sends him away. The agent, however, returns the next day with a proposal for Palacios.

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Mediaset photo

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