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On the 28th of last month, Rep. Park Kwang-on, who was elected as the new floor leader at the general meeting of the Democratic Party, is receiving congratulatory greetings from Representative Lee Jae-myung. yunhap news

On the 5th, Democratic Party floor leader Park Kwang-on said to President Yoon Seok-yeol, “It is natural and order for the president to meet with the opposition leader as soon as possible and discuss ways to overcome the national crisis.” Earlier, after the President’s Office proposed a meeting between President Yoon and the floor leaders of the opposition parties, Park, who expressed the position that ‘the meeting between President Yoon and Representative Lee Jae-myeong is first’, expressed the same opinion on this day. In a statement sent to reporters that day, Won-nae Park said, “I once again respectfully request that the president choose a good path for restoring people’s livelihood and restoring politics.” At the same time, Won-nae Park emphasized, “I understand that the words of President Lee are words of loyalty to hope that our politics will be normalized as soon as possible in the midst of a national crisis.” The previous day, CEO Lee met with reporters after paying condolences at the mortuary of Yanghoe-dong, head of the Gangwon Construction Branch of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, which was prepared at the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital, and said, “If it is difficult for the president to meet the opposition leader for various reasons, I will not mind meeting the floor leader. ” he said. On the 2nd, when Lee Jin-bok, senior secretary for political affairs in the Presidential Office, who visited the National Assembly to celebrate Park’s inauguration, proposed a meeting between President Yoon and the floor leaders of the ruling and opposition parties, floor leader Park expressed his position that “the president should meet Lee Jae-myung first.” was presented. The President’s Office has never asked Lee to meet with President Yoon, and has never accepted Lee’s request for a meeting due to the situation in the National Assembly. After the launch of the Yoon Seok-yeol government, no meeting between President Yoon and the opposition party leadership took place. Past presidents used to meet with the ruling party as well as the opposition party leadership on the occasion of diplomatic events to share achievements, but there has been no such meeting since the inauguration of this administration. On the evening of the 2nd, right after his visit to the United States, President Yoon invited only the people’s strength leadership to the Yongsan Presidential Office for a dinner and explained the results of the Korea-US summit. Reporter Mina Kim [email protected]

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