Gene Wilder: Master of Comic Pause

“A moment of silence for the comic break master. Gene Wilder: funny to do something and funny to do nothing.” -Edgar Wright Editor Rishi Kaneria (@rishikaneria) Music by Daniel Pemberton Dedicated to Gene Wilder (1933–2016) / 8/31/12726430 / gene-wilder-comedic-timing-pause-performance Buzzfeed: https://www.buzzfeed. com / alanwhite / this-video-perfectly-captures-the-art-of-gene-wilders- comic? utm_term = .pyMgKEm1x # .ay9RA6Qz0 Quick Company: Co Create: -essay The Creators Project: Mashable: 4fdJXswKESqk AV Club: Slate: / 31 / supercut_of_gene_wilder_s_comedic_pauses_from_rating_cinema_video.html Laughing Squid: s-way-in-which-gene-savage made his comedy breaks-be as powerful as his words / Live For Film: http: //www .com / 2016/09/01 / cool-supercut-gene-wilder-master-of-the-comedic-pause / Fubiz: / Kottke: http: // Daniel Pemberton: status / 771846130707685377 and Tom Green for the new tweet!

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