Gen Z vs. Millennials (Gen Y)

How does Gen Z’s use of social media differ from that of Millennials? Which channels do the different generations prefer and which social networks are the biggest differences? A survey by the dcn has addressed these questions and we take a look at the results.

Even if Gen Z and Millennials have very different interests and target groups, a cross-generational view is a good means of getting an idea of ​​how social media is being used.

That dcn questioned both generations about their use of social media in a survey and compared the results with which social networks are in the lead.

Gen Z vs.Millennials: Biggest Gap on Facebook

The biggest differences in weekly usage are on Facebook. This is not new, but in terms of clarity it is an interesting result.

No other social network has such a wide range of weekly social media usage. Facebook is thus faced with a situation that is a special case and does not exist in this form on YouTube, Instagram and yes, not even on Snapchat.

TikTok is most likely to be in a similar situation, just the other way around. However, the likelihood that more millennials will use TikTok in the future is significantly higher than that there will be another Gen Z run on Facebook.

YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are ahead of Gen Z.

Gen Z is most often on YouTube. Followed by Instagram and TikTok. While YouTube has a bigger lead over its competitors, TikTok is almost on par with Instagram.

Overall, YouTube has the highest weekly usage. Pinterest reaches both generations almost equally often, but is in last place compared to the other social networks queried. Or to put it in a somewhat exaggerated way: Gen Z is even more often on Facebook than on Pinterest.

There are a total of four social networks that are used more often by Gen Z than by Millennials. These include YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Millennials use Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest more each week. With Facebook as the front runner.

Music, social media and gaming are the most popular “content” of Gen Z.

In addition to the use of social media, the survey also determined which content or media / activities are in the favor of the respective generations.

Here, too, there are differences between Millennials and Gen Z. However, they are not as big as in social networks.

Music streaming services like Spotify are the most consumed by Gen Z during the week. Followed by social media and gaming. Music streaming and social media are also at the forefront among millennials. There are differences in the consumption of films, television and podcasts.

Podcast consumption is higher among millennials. Overall, however, podcasts come in last.

At this point it has to be noted that it is quite normal for social networks to have a higher level of usage than podcasts. Or that you’re on Instagram more often than watching movies during the week. The differences between the generations are interesting here again.

The survey results contain a lot more information about the differences between Gen Z and Gen Y. You can see all results in the 2021 DCN Research: Gen Z Digital Media Attitudes, Values & Behavior watch.


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