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Gears Tactics: 4K 60fps on Xbox Series X, compatible keyboard / mouse and more | Xbox one

by drbyos

Gears Tactics is definitely one of the big games in the Xbox Series X | S line-up. While many gamers have been lucky enough to be able to play it on PC since April, fans of the green brand haven’t had it. Through an interview with The Vergewe can learn a lot of information about the console version of The Coalition tactical.

Resolution and framerate

Gears Tactics will take full advantage of the power of the Xbox Series X to shoot at 4K 60 fps and curious as it sounds, it will even be possible to watch the cutscenes at 30 fps if you so desire. The Xbox Series S, more technically limited, will offer a 1440p 60 fps experience like the Xbox One X version, while knowing that it will also be possible to opt for a 4K 30 fps mode on the latter. Finally, the Xbox One will run the game at 1080p 30 fps, which is already honorable for this old bike.

You may be wondering which is the best version between Xbox One X and Xbox Series S?

It’s better on Series S. Visually it’s better. Same resolution, same framerate, but the CPU is so much better on the S Series and X Series that we have more capacity to display more stuff. […] On Xbox One X, you will see that the visual quality is not as high as on Series S in performance mode.

The technical contributions of the console versions

We couldn’t just have a simple mouse-to-controller simulation, we had to add functionality.

Although the controller is already supported on the PC version, The Coalition has taken care to improve the controls. A precision mode has been added to slow down the cursor or to select the right target more intuitively. These new features will arrive on PC just like the other assets mentioned in recent weeks. If you are not convinced by the gameplay at the pad, that’s not a problem: it is possible to connect your mouse and keyboard to the Xbox, whether it is next generation or not.

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An arrival on xCloud with touch controls?

When we think of xCloud, yes, if we were going to include it in there, then I think touch controls would be a few things we would study.

Suffice to say that this kind of game with touch controls would be ideal for playing discreetly under your desk!

Gears Tactics will be released on November 10 for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. It will of course be included in Xbox Game Pass and will benefit from Smart Delivery to find your squad on the next generation.

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