Garmin Services Return After Long Outage Due To Cyber ​​Attack

The company first admitted that the outage was caused by a cyber attack who encrypted some of [ses] systems, without explicitly mentioning whether it was a ransomware attack. Company staff yet reported this information on social media last week.

The outage affected the company’s website as well as its Garmin Connect application, which is used, among other things, to record data collected by Garmin smartwatches during training.

The Garmin Pilot mobile application, used by airplane pilots to plan their flights, was also inaccessible, as was the flyGarmin service, which allows the installation of aeronautical databases. Garmin call centers were also affected.

Affected systems are in the process of being restored and we expect a return to normal in the coming days.Garmin said in a statement.

The company claims that the people behind the cyberattack did not have access to the personal or financial information of its customers.

A ransom would have been paid

If Garmin refuses to classify the incident as a ransomware attack, Sky News reported Tuesday morning that the company paid a ransom to gain access to systems and files held hostage.

According to Sky News, who cites anonymous cybersecurity sources familiar with the matter, Garmin fell victim to WastedLocker, a ransomware developed by Russian hacker group Evil Corp.

Evil Corp was the target of US government sanctions last December after two of its directors were accused of stealing confidential government documents. These sanctions prohibit anyone residing in the United States from transacting with the group.

Garmin would therefore have circumvented this ban by passing the payment through a third party, which would still violate the sanctions, according to Sky News.

Garmin did not respond to our interview requests. The company simply mentioned to Sky News that she was not commenting rumors and speculation.

Garmin hit by major failure, ransomware attack allegedly involved

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