Gareca responded to America for Aquino’s injury: “We have a position that protects us”

Injury to Pedro Aquino with the Selection of Peru, made the board of America upset by the decision of Ricardo Gareca, in using the midfielder for the qualifying match against Venezuela where he suffered from his physical ailments.

Gareca declared and also had to explain some things about what happened to the Peruvian player, who will miss the rest of the game. League of Mexican soccer for having suffered from his injury, although he clarified that they did everything in the regulations to summon the midfielder.

It was a fatality what happened and we deeply regret it in that regard. It was a totally different injury to what he had, ”Gareca commented.

“So the injury that he had was 100 percent recovered. We have an excellent relationship with all the clubs and we understand the concern of each club and any communication they make and any situation that arises, we will always collaborate with everyone ”, added the Argentine coach.

Contradictions with the America of Mexico

Santiago Baños, sports president of the Eagles, had declared for Clear Brand your annoyance about the Pedro Aquino injury, pointing out that he did not play and did rehabilitation in Mexico.

We asked the Peruvian National Team that Pedro be rehabilitated here, but they ignored, they make him play and we will lose him for the Liguilla. It is a lack of respect, ”Baños said in the interview, although he added that they will make a formal complaint to the Peruvian Football Federation for what happened.

Ricardo Gareca, however, added that there is a regulatory protection that serves to protect himself in these cases and more so when the benefits of the country are at stake.

“We have a position that legally protects us. It’s not that we do what we think of. We do what we can always legally do. As long as we are protected, we will proceed in pursuit of the benefits of the country, ”said Gareca.

Pedro Aquino will miss the rest of the Liguilla for him America, leaving Santiago Solari’s team in trouble, who does not have enough pieces in that position to supplant the Peruvian.



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