GARD Disappearance of Sihem, 18 years old: the details of the prosecutor of Nîmes

GARD Disappearance of Sihem, 18 years old: the details of the prosecutor of Nîmes

It is the criminal center of Nîmes which becomes competent to deal with the file of “kidnapping” and “sequestration” of the young Sihem, 18, at La Grand’Combe. This high school student disappeared last Wednesday and has not given any sign of life since. The public prosecutor of Nîmes, Cécile Gensac, provides details by press release. Words that we publish in full so that everyone can know the official elements unveiled this Wednesday afternoon by the courts, and thus silence the many rumors spread on social networks.

Without any news from the young woman for a week

On 01/26/2023, the father of a young adult girl named Sihem went to the police station in Alès to report the worrying disappearance of his daughter since midnight. The gendarmerie brigade of La Grand’Combe in the Gard -30 -, on which his home depended, quickly took over. Investigations revealed that the girl had last communicated with friends around midnight and that she was about to leave her place of residence, probably to join a person of her acquaintance.“, summarizes in a press release sent to the press the prosecutor of Nîmes, Cécile Gensac.

Two people still in custody

She gave no trace of life. Elements could suggest a disappearance in connection with facts aimed at obtaining funds. An investigation was opened by the public prosecutor of Alès, competent on the basis of the location of the facts, the charge of disturbing disappearance initially then the charge of arrest, kidnapping, sequestration or arbitrary detention of hostages to obtain the execution of an order or condition, before the flagrance investigation procedure is transferred to the criminal division of the Nîmes court. The public prosecutor of Nîmes continued the investigations carried out in co-referral by the Gard gendarmerie group and the research section. To date, two people, a man and a woman, are currently in custody. The man is questioned about a participation in the disappearance, while the woman could hold information making it possible to locate the young girl, or at the very least to advance the investigations. It is understood as the head of non-assistance to person in danger“, adds the boss of the parquet floor of Nîmes.

The detainee was due to appear today in another criminal case

Without prejudging the guilt of those in custody at this stage of the investigations, it should be confirmed that the man already known to the justice services was to appear today in the context of a trial at the assizes for acts qualified as a crime of robbery with the use of a weapon. He had been remanded in custody. The case has today been adjourned to a later hearing in view of his placement in police custody. Already convicted on several occasions, he has served all the sentences imposed on him. Police custody has been extended and will end on Thursday February 2, 2023 at the end of the legal 48 hours. The opening of a judicial investigation is envisaged Thursday after 12:00 p.m.“, completes the prosecutor Gensac.

Priority to find Sihem

The investigations will then continue under the control and direction of an investigating magistrate. The priority remains to this day the search for the missing person. Significant resources were committed by the gendarmerie, which carried out helicopter flights and resorted to the assistance of tracking dogs, in addition to various searches. A specialized unit has been set up at the La Grand’Combe brigade. A specialized surveillance unit from Montpellier was also mobilized“, adds the representative of the parquet floor of Nîmes.

The family of the victim received this Wednesday by the prosecutor

Anyone with even minimal information allowing Sihem to be found is called upon to contact the gendarmerie. A release before the 7th day has been completed, i.e. before midnight this night is likely to disqualify the criminal acts of sequestration into acts of a tort nature less severely punished. The victim’s family, represented by three close members, was received this morning by the public prosecutor while a movement of support for Sihem was organized by his entourage in front of the steps of the courthouse. It was confirmed to them that all means were being used to try to find their sister and cousin as soon as possible.“, concludes prosecutor Cécile Gensac.



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