“Gaming is entertainment, not a sure way to earn money” – Fm 89.3

“Gaming is entertainment, not a sure way to earn money” – Fm 89.3

February 17 is the date established to commemorate the Responsible Gambler Day, in order to strengthen the ethical values ​​of the game and on the other hand to fight against the problems generated by their misuse. The date responds to a UNESCO agreement. By law, compulsive and pathological problem gambling prevention and assistance must be encouraged.

Before this commemoration, the Provincial Institute of Lotteries and Casinos (IPLyC) organized, under the slogan “Being responsible is part of the game”, a series of activities to disseminate and promote healthy practices and the prevention of problems.

For this reason, this Thursday he visited the studios of the FM 89.3 Santa Maria de las Misiones the psychologist of this institution Marisa Viviana Seewaldwho anticipated everything that will happen in this month of responsible gambling and the work they carry out so that the game is healthy and does not become a difficult problem to solve.

“We are commemorating Responsible Gaming Month, since February 17 is International Responsible Gaming Day; and what we want to do throughout february is to raise awareness about healthy play. Taking games of chance as a way of entertainment, but always taking certain guidelines so that your game is healthy and thus avoiding a problem or a pathology regarding this activity”, thus began the review of the IPLyC professional.

To then add: “When we talk about responsible gaming or healthy gaming, we refer to a game where the person has some awareness when playing about their personal, economic, or health circumstances.”

“Say: well, game, yes, but being aware that it is a form of entertainment. It is not a safe way to earn money because games of chance, exactly what is in the casino, for example, online games, betting agency, are games of luck. We cannot predict its results, so the chance of winning is if there is luck, but there is also the possibility of losing“, he remarked.

In continuation of this instructive approach to responsible gambling, Seewald explained that “It is not a sure thing to win money. That a person is aware of this and can carry out this activity taking this into account and that it does not affect their personal life, is a healthy way of playing ”.

“For that, there are precisely certain guidelines that we promote so that they take into account. For example: the theme of the control of time, to put stipulated amounts of money, that do not affect your economy and respect those amounts. Respect time limits and do not ask for money to continue playingamong other items”, he recalled.

“If a person can’t control this or suddenly every time they try to interrupt the game they change their mood, it starts to cause problems in their personal life. It’s a warning sign that he may be having a possible gambling problem.”

Addiction, pathology, help

“The reality is that whether or not to develop an addiction, for example, or a pathology regarding a behavior, It depends on many factors. There are people who have a certain predisposition to develop this pathology and perhaps not others. So that is where you have to act ”, he exemplified when a person begins to fall into gambling addictions

“Sometimes it is relatives, family, or friends, who see it from outside and accompany them until that person can ask for help; sometimes the person is late, but he recognizes it and asks for help ”, remarked.

On the other hand, he was asked: How do the psychologists who are members of this responsible gaming area work, in the IPLyC? “Our greatest strength is always focused on prevention. To try to prevent the person from developing the pathology; but also whenever a person realizes that his game is becoming immoderate, that it is causing him problems or maybe he is already developing the edition. First of all, we try to get him closer”; she counted.

In addition, he added that “There we provide guidance on the places where you can assist and We carry out self-exclusion at the Responsible Gaming Area office, which is a personal procedure, yes or yes, it has to be the person who requests it, the one who does it. The person has a gambling problem where he signed an agreement that they cannot enter any gambling hall in the province for two years. The person can renew it in parallel to the self-exclusion.

“We make it very clear and we try to discuss it not only with the person we are guiding, but also with the family that self-exclusion is a helpful tool, when it comes to encouragement,” he stressed.

But The most important thing is always the accompaniment with the treatment; whether it is a group intervention, or an individual therapy, because “we know that behind the compulsive behavior of the game there is also a personal reality of each one”, outlined the professional of this entity.

He also noted that it is possible to see “why people came to that, what personal factors influence it, what is happening; and that is why treatment is very important in this process”.

Statistics between men and women

In another part of the talk, he said that “because we strongly handled the issue of the self-exclusion, we have a varied statistics, both men and women. In the beginning, the rate for men was always a little higher than for women, but it can be varied. We just try to always have control”.

He also said that ” we have a Whatsapp number that works 24 hours a day and there we not only spread our activity; but it is also useful for people who want to write to us because, for example, they suddenly have a relapse, they need information for a relative or how to act and they write to us”.

We also communicate We call the self-excluded from time to time to see how the treatment process is going, how the intervention is going. This is a way to be more connected and provide more support”, he highlighted.

The WhatsApp number 3764-683173 is attended by a team of four professionals. “There is someone who is with the cell phone; and we are either in the office or on the cell phone to be able to provide information, advice, accompaniment to whoever requests it. The idea is always to approach that way, work on prevention, but also intervene and provide advice to those who need it”.

A month to raise awareness, prevent and reflect

“From February 1 we started with the activities. Every year we commemorate and illuminate the IPLyC buildings with green And we also invite game rooms that can illuminate”, he began by counting, regarding the agenda.

He also recalled that they work together with the Ministry of Addiction Prevention and Drug Control, the province with the Directorate of Addiction Prevention, the Municipality of Posadas and also with all those who work with all the agencies that work in addiction prevention.

“Then we also invite them to light up their buildings green. Why green? Because it precisely alludes to health, and that color was always used”.

Seewald also recounted that “we launched a contest for the whole province and it’s called ‘Let’s bet on a Healthy Game’and precisely the idea is that they can learn the healthy gaming guidelines through a question that is like a game and participate for a few nice prizes like a soccer ball, a sports team, mate teams, everything so that people can also share with the family”.

“The way to participate is to write to the cell phone 3764-683173 and there they send you a question that you answer; and just by responding they are already participating and the draw will be held at the end of the month, on February 28 “advancement.

On the other hand, he made it known that this Wednesday February 8th they will be in apostles providing advice, games, raffles, among other activities; while the February 27 the activity will be repeated Plaza 9 de Julio de Posadas.

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