Games with Gold: here are the 4 games offered on Xbox in March

Return to the 4-game formula in March, for the Games with Gold program. On the program for this month of March: two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles.

Warface Breakdown

The headliner of the month will be the friendly Warface Breakdown, a multiplayer FPS that somewhat missed its launch and needed to rebuild a community of players. The title is cut for the competitive, with a formula close to Rainbow Six Siege. Unlike its model, however, it takes place in the future. You will find a great diversity of game modes, cards and weapons. Most games are played in small teams. Warface Breakdown itself isn’t very original, but it is nonetheless a very effective multiplayer FPS.


A small independent title, VALA has managed to forge a solid reputation for its atypical concept. In this intense twin-stick shooter, the player must save humanity from a terrible threat. Armies of llamas have conquered the world, destroying everything in their path. The game is visually quite neat and very fun. Be careful, however, given the violence of the clashes, this is clearly not a game for all audiences …

Metal Slug 3

On Xbox 360, players will be able to (re) discover the excellent horizontal-strapped Metal Slug 3 shoot ’em up. This NeoGeo classic was ported to Xbox 360, in digital version only. The title is relatively short since it only includes a handful of chapters, but is nonetheless a very fun entertainment, especially in two-player co-op!

Port Royale 3

Fans of management games will be able to discover the nice piracy game Port Royale 3. Head to the Caribbean, its rough seas and lush forests for this strange simulation of piracy that combines phases of exploration and naval combat. Released in 2012, the game has certainly aged badly, but it remains one of the best representatives of the genre.

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