Gailtal Journal – … and the Wulfenia is in bloom

Is that normal or a minor miracle?

We cannot answer that question. Wikipedia says:

The Carinthian Wulfenia (Wulfenia carinthiaca), also called cow step, is a species of plant from the plantain family (Plantaginaceae). The species is named after Franz Xaver von Wulfen, who discovered it in 1779 on the Gartnerkofel in Carinthia. The inflorescence is 20 to 30 cm high, has scale leaves and is one-sided. The flowers are close together. The chalice is five-fold and up to 8 mm long. The crown is blue-violet and 12 to 15 mm long. Flowering time is from June to July. Bees and bumblebees are suspected to be pollinators.

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