Gaetan Squall | Last minute of the rains in Madrid and the rest of Spain, live

In this way, the forecasts indicate that these downpours will favor the ice and snow still present in many Madrid municipalities to end up disappearing, facilitating cleaning tasks for the operators.

In any case, from the Community of Madrid it has been foreseen that these rains will possibly flood more than 400 designated points in the region

On the other hand, the snow level will be between 1,200 and 1,300 meters, gradually increasing to 1,600-1800 meters.

In addition, today the minimum temperatures will register a rise, locally notable in the southern and eastern valleys and slightly in the mountains, and the maximums will be decreasing in the north and rising in the south and in the center. In the capital, 3 degrees of minimum and 10 of maximum are foreseen.

From this space we will bring you the latest news related to Madrid, from politics, to culture, sports and events. But also, today, we will inform you closely about the Gaetan storm, the wind and the rain that is expected to leave in the Community of Madrid.

We will also follow the epidemiological situation in Madrid regarding the current state of alarm and curfew, applied as restrictive measures to curb the coronavirus crisis.

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