Gading Marten Reveals His Late Mother’s Disease History

Jakarta, Insertlive

Gading Marten accompanies the body of his mother, Farida Sabtijastuti, at the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, Central Jakarta, Saturday (1/10) night. When approached by mourners, Gading looked strong without shedding tears.

Gading said his mother had lung cancer. This disease was known since a month ago and was already at a high stage.

“It’s cancer and it turns out that the stage is big enough. We just have to give up, what’s important is that Mama isn’t sick anymore,” said Gading Marten.

Before it was known that he had cancer, Ivory’s mother was also revealed to have had a stroke and long Covid-19. Ivory thought that the mother was already in her old age.

“Long Covid too, not because of age, yes,” said Gading, at the same time saying that his mother died at the age of 68.

Gading later said he had not seen any signs of his mother’s departure. Gading also said that the mother is still fluent in communicating with her family.

“Still communicating. Indeed, asking the family to get together and all the children together. Same with the grandchildren. Everyone, there are families in Bali too. This may be the best,” explained Gading.

Farida Sabtijastuti is Gading Marten’s biological mother. Farida divorced from Roy Marten after having four children, including Gading.

After the divorce, Roy Marten then married Model Anna Maria. Roy has two children from this marriage.


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