Gabriel Garko, the destructive discovery confessed: “she has a health problem” – the Democrat

Heartbreaking news for Gabriel Garko. It comes suddenly and the diagnosis is clear, there are major health problems

One of the most beloved Italian sex symbols, Gabriel Gark, has starred in many fictional stories on the Mediaset networks. It is often hosted by Barbara D’Urso and Silvia Toffanin, and it is in one of these lounges that revealed his homosexuality. After appearing atArena, by Massimo Giletti on Rai 1, the concerns of the fans have started given the unusual appearance of the actor.

Precisely for this reason, Garko wrote a confession article per TV Smiles and Songs in which he explains his situation of that episode. The actor’s appearance on TV generated concern from his fans, as he showed up with a very swollen face. Reason for which also controversies and attacks against him started immediately. Gabriel Garko said he had some problems when he was traveling by plane.

When the plane landed he suffered consulted a doctor. All of this has been attributed to breathing problems, for which the doctor claimed that the actor has a less than optimal health condition. A sad and cruel reality suddenly assailed Gabriel Garko. He was immediately entrusted with a treatment, with the certainty that it would not have any contraindications.

Gabriel Garko and the reaction to the prescribed treatment

Gabriel garko

But suddenly his face did begins to swell, and this happens to him just as he is on set. Garko’s face appears unusually swollen, just like when you have a bad toothache. So he decides to change doctors, and this is the moment when he is shown a sad truth. After changing doctors, the therapy has also changed, he is told that he suffers from thyroid problems.

While values ​​must rebalance, Garko’s face first swells then deflates and so on. Despite its constant swelling and deflating, life goes on, and work commitments continue to exist. Garko then takes courage and thus continues to face everything in the world as serene as possible. The day before his appearance on TV, Garko breathes a sigh of relief as his face has deflated. In the morning, however, he wakes up with his face swollen again, the doctor advises him not to go on the air. However Gabriel cannot give Giletti the hole.

For this reason, the controversy inherent in its appearance. Gabriel Garko’s words sting like pins: “I have been doing this job for many years and yet I was speechless in front of so much media fury. Faced with the malign joy of so many journalists who have published images and titled articles without verifying, without asking me “.

While Garko says his lawyers want to sue the slander, he says he wants to thank these professional hate journalists as he defines them himself. Because? Because in this way he was able to distinguish true friends from false ones.

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